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Quiz resources

Image of a woman smiling with white teeth

The DDU's advice on tooth whitening

Dentists, dental hygienists, dental therapists and clinical dental technicians can provide tooth whitening treatments to adult patients without fear of prosecution, providing they act within the legal and ethical parameters.

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How much hydrogen peroxide can a home whitening product, provided by a dentist as part of treatment, contain?

How long do you have to provide information for a subject access request?

A written complaint is received. What should you include in your acknowledgement letter to the patient? (Tick all which would be appropriate)

Is it acceptable to share information that might identify an individual patient on sites restricted to dental professionals?

When extracting a tooth, is it acceptable to ask the patient to confirm the tooth they believe they are having extracted?

During a consultation a patient hands you an envelope containing multiple £50 notes. They say it is a Christmas gift, but you are concerned they are trying to influence the treatment you provide. Do you:

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