Case studies

Root cause

1 August 2010

A dentist faced a GDC complaint about treatment that was started by a colleague

Slow progress

1 August 2010

A regular attender of 25 years’ standing brought a claim alleging undiagnosed

Split the difference

1 August 2010

A complaint asking a dentist to pay for two patients’ treatment at another surgery

A view from abroad

31 May 2008

A patient brought a claim against her dentist of 20 years, a DDU member, for the cost of a treatment plan written by an Australian dentist. The patient claimed nearly £7,000 after returning from a holiday in Australia where she had undergone emergency treatment following the fracture of her lower left pre-molar. Subsequently, the Australian dentist had provided her with a detailed treatment plan that included the replacement of 10 crowns.

A whiter shade of pale

31 May 2008

DDU members are reporting an increasing number of complaints and claims arising from the provision of tooth bleaching. The following case history concerns that of a young man whose expectations proved too great.

Receiving notice of a claim
Claim for alleged inappropriate treatment defended

28 February 2007

The DDU defends a claim for alleged inappropriate treatment.

Management of dental pain

19 December 2006

A dentist provided an emergency consultation on a Thursday evening for a patient complaining of severe pain in the upper right quadrant of her mouth. The patient was not an NHS registered patient at the practice and the dentist clearly explained that it would therefore be necessary for her to pay a private fee of £50.

Dentist examining teeth
Trauma to floor of mouth

4 April 2003

The rotating bur of the air turbine caused a laceration to the patient's mouth which led to hospital treatment being needed some months later

Fainting following extraction

27 February 2003

A 12-year old fainted following administration of anaesthetic for a series of extractions. The mother alleged that the dentist had injected her child five times giving excess anaesthetic.

Undiagnosed oral cancer

9 November 2002

A patient visited her dentist with a large painful ulcer on the side of her tongue. The dentist thought the ulcer was of traumatic origin and provided routine care but the patient died within a year.