If your fitness to practise is investigated by the GDC, understanding what to expect can make all the difference. Here's what you need to know.

Upset relative complaining on the phone
Responding to complaints from third parties

28 March 2023

Complaints can come directly from the patient, but sometimes a relative or other third party will contact the surgery first.

Image of padlock against digital binary numbers
Protecting patient data

27 January 2023

Data protection law imposes a legal duty on those responsible for personal data to store it securely and protect it from unauthorised or unlawful processing.

Invisible aligners
Remote orthodontic treatment

20 January 2023

Advising patients about direct-to-consumer orthodontics

Red wooden figure standing in front of plain wooden figures
Leading teams

16 January 2023

If you're a dental professional in charge of a team, the GDC expects you to demonstrate effective management and leadership skills.

CCTV camera in corridor
CCTV in dental surgeries

16 January 2023

It's important to be aware of the legal and ethical implications of having CCTV in your dental practice.

Dentist working at computer
Patient rights and ownership of records

16 January 2023

Patients have a right to access their records under data protection law.

Man reading letter by window
Proving clinical negligence

5 January 2023

Understanding how clinical negligence claims can be brought is important in knowing how to deal with them appropriately.

police officers
Being investigated by the police

15 December 2022

Although it's not common, if you're ever being investigated by the police it's important to know your rights, obligations and where to turn for help.

Do Not Pass sign
When consent is withheld

6 December 2022

Patients may give consent, but they may also refuse or restrict it.