Dental professionals need to be aware of a number of factors before making decisions on behalf of adults lacking capacity.

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Retiring from practice

18 January 2022

Retirement can be an exciting time, but for dental professionals it comes with added responsibilities. Here's what you need to know.

Dentist and dental nurse
Dental nurse indemnity - advice for dental professionals

23 December 2021

Dental nurses must have indemnity to practise, and will be asked to declare they have appropriate arrangements in place when they join the GDC register or renew their registration.

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Raising concerns

20 December 2021

Raising a concern at work can be a difficult area to navigate, so it's important to know how, when and why. Our quick guide answers some common questions.

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Incapacity and the law in Scotland

20 December 2021

Guidance on treating adults who have or may have impaired capacity in Scotland.

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Releasing confidential information

17 December 2021

Before releasing information about a patient to a third party, you must get the patient's permission - except in exceptional circumstances.

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Using templates and autonotes in electronic records

15 December 2021

Automatic templates, or autonotes, can save time when making patient records - but can lead to errors if not used carefully.

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Tooth whitening

15 December 2021

Your need-to-know guide on the dento-legal aspects of tooth whitening.

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Disclosing records to third parties

10 December 2021

If third parties request confidential patient information, or you want to share it with them, here's what you need to know first.

Confidentiality: your obligations

19 November 2021

As a dental professional you have a professional, legal and contractual responsibility to protect patients' confidentiality.