Witness swearing on book in court
Working with expert witnesses in clinical negligence claims

4 August 2021

The process of clinical negligence legal action depends mainly on opinions from independent expert witnesses.

Man looking over documents at a desk
Acting as an expert witness

26 July 2021

Expert witnesses assist the court on matters that require particular expertise.

Prescribing, white pills on blue background
Patient Group Directions (PGDs)

26 July 2021

Understanding the essentials of Patient Group Directions – and how to use them.

Man reading letter
Dealing with the emotional impact of a claim

23 July 2021

Facing a claim for clinical negligence can cause a lot of stress and worry, so it's important to know that support is available - and where to find it.

Acting as a professional witness

23 July 2021

Being involved in a court case as a professional witness involves reporting the facts of your professional dealings with a patient.

Neon sign offering perfect smile
Advertising your practice ethically

16 July 2021

It's important to advertise and promote your services in an ethical and lawful way.

Upset relative complaining on the phone
Responding to complaints from third parties

9 July 2021

Complaints can come directly from the patient, but sometimes a relative or third party will be the first to contact the surgery.

Dental instruments
Risk management in root canal treatment

5 July 2021

Recognise your technical limits when performing root canal treatment and be prepared to refer patients if necessary.

Five people in a waiting room
Quality assurance and patient safety

18 June 2021

Dental practices are expected to have a quality assurance system in place to monitor and, if necessary, improve services.

Dental professional asking a patient questions. This patient is sitting in a dentist chair.
Guide to consent to dental treatment

14 June 2021

You must seek consent before any investigation or treatment, and certain criteria must be fulfilled for consent from a patient to be valid.