False teeth holding cigarette
Asking patients about drinking and smoking habits

28 May 2021

Asking patients if they drink or smoke often forms an important part of a consultation and treatment plan but may feel intrusive.

Discarded mask in bin
Managing patients who decline to wear a face covering

10 May 2021

There may be a small number of patients who will not follow government guidance on face coverings in NHS settings.

dental surgery with poster in background
Written communication with patients

19 April 2021

A practice's communication with patients needs to make a positive impression - whether through its website, marketing literature or other written information.

Writing a report
Setting out a written complaint response

13 April 2021

A properly composed written response is a crucial part of the overall complaints procedure.

Image of a complaint form
Reasons for patient complaints

6 April 2021

Most dental professionals will receive a complaint from a patient at some time in their career, so understanding why they occur is vital.

Dentist attending a patient
Listening to patients, staff and dealing with feedback

22 March 2021

Patients and other members of the dental team can be a good source of feedback on the quality of dental care and treatment provided by the practice.

Lock on a circuit board
The General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018

7 January 2021

Explaining the changes to data protection law introduced as a result of the GDPR and Data Protection Act.

Man holding mobile phone
GDPR: Data subjects' rights

7 January 2021

GDPR makes data subjects' rights much more explicit. Here we explain your obligations.

Man at keyboard with credit card
GDPR: Data breaches

7 January 2021

An unaddressed data breach is likely to have a significant effect on individuals, and can result in heavy fines for those responsible.

Doctor talking to patient
Effective complaint handling

6 January 2021

Handling complaints quickly and effectively is key to avoid the situation escalating.