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GDPR: Data subjects' rights

7 January 2021

GDPR makes data subjects' rights much more explicit. Here we explain your obligations.

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GDPR: Data breaches

7 January 2021

An unaddressed data breach is likely to have a significant effect on individuals, and can result in heavy fines for those responsible.

Doctor talking to patient
Effective complaint handling

6 January 2021

Handling complaints quickly and effectively is key to avoid the situation escalating.

Complaints in the private sector

6 January 2021

Complaints arising from independent practice are handled similarly to those in the NHS, but there are some distinctions.

A dental professional reading a sheet of paper
Managing patient expectations

2 November 2020

Patients and dentists may sometimes have different expectations as to the outcome of treatment.

Dentists working together.
Clinical audit, peer review and CPD

6 October 2020

Clinical audit and peer review are central to effective quality assurance. They help make sure best practice is being followed, and highlight any improvements in providing care.

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Risk management for better patient safety

6 October 2020

Effective risk management can help identify, prioritise and manage threats to patient safety.

Preparing your practice for COVID-19 complaints

24 September 2020

The pause in routine treatment caused by the pandemic may lead to complaints from patients, warns dento-legal advisor Sue N’Jie.

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Adult protection in Scotland

11 September 2020

Guidance on the dento-legal considerations when handling an adult protection concern.

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The golden rules of social media

25 August 2020

​Social media can be a source of great enjoyment and a useful business tool, but it's important to recognise the risks it poses as well.