Good record keeping
An introduction to good record keeping

22 January 2018

Records are an essential part of patient care and can provide evidence if your standard of care is called into question.

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The dental regulatory environment

22 January 2018

The GDC's role is to protect patients and set high standards of dental practice and conduct through statutory registration.

Smiling dentist
Leading teams

22 January 2018

If you are a dental professional in charge of a team, the GDC expects you to demonstrate effective management and leadership skills.

Disclosing records to third parties

19 January 2018

There are many third parties who may request confidential patient information from dental professionals or with whom you may wish to share such information.

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Releasing confidential information

19 January 2018

Before releasing information about a patient to a third party, you must obtain the patient's permission, save in exceptional circumstances.

courtroom with scales of justice
Giving evidence at a court appearance

18 January 2018

A professional witness can be compelled by a court witness summons to give evidence in court.

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Records and reports in court cases

18 January 2018

Records can be critical in establishing the facts in a court case.

man confronted by two colleagues
Raising concerns

3 October 2017

All dental professionals have an ethical duty to put patients' interests first, which must override personal and professional loyalties.

disclosure to the police
Reporting criminal convictions and cautions

2 October 2017

As a dentist, dental hygienist or dental care professional you have a duty to declare any cautions or convictions.

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Tooth whitening

10 August 2015

Your guide to the key legal aspects of tooth whitening