DDU indemnity during the COVID-19 NHS vaccination programme

The implementation of the COVID-19 NHS vaccination programme is extremely topical at the moment with media reports stating that the vaccination could be rolled out as soon as early December.

Your DDU membership gives you access to indemnity for the practice of dentistry as a dental professional but would not extend to claims arising from a role of this nature outside dentistry.


We understand that the arrangements being put in place for the vaccination programme include NHS/state indemnity for those involved. It is important that you confirm NHS/state indemnity will apply to your planned role before starting the work. You can still seek our assistance in the usual way in respect of any complaint or regulatory matter arising from involvement in the NHS vaccination programme.


GDC's advice on providing treatment

The GDC encourages dental professionals to draw on their skills and experience. It also states: "Registrants should satisfy themselves that they are competent to perform the tasks being asked of them, or are given the training necessary to equip them to do so". From a general dento-legal perspective, the GDC would expect a registered dental professional to be trained and competent in all the healthcare work they do, notwithstanding that in this case the work is outside the practice of dentistry.

You should satisfy yourself that this is the case for the work you are being asked to do. If you consider you need additional training or have queries or concerns at any stage, you should not hesitate to raise the issue with those managing you.

If the amount of work you do changes as a result of participating in the NHS vaccination programme, please contact membership@theddu.com or 0800 085 0614.


This page was correct at publication on 04/12/2020. Any guidance is intended as general guidance for members only. If you are a member and need specific advice relating to your own circumstances, please contact one of our advisers.