The DDU – on your side

John Makin, Head of the DDU, introduces a special guide explaining how the DDU will be on your side throughout your career.

Few professions are as rewarding as dentistry and few offer so much variety. However today, dental practice is also a more challenging and high-pressured environment. There are many reasons for this but high on the list is the pressure to meet patients’ expectations. It can feel demanding and stressful especially with the potential for a complaint, GDC investigation or claim if something is perceived to have gone wrong.

This is where the DDU comes in and as we highlight in this guide, there are many ways we support our members.

Dento-legal advice for thousands of dental professionals each year

In 2017, we received around 11,000 requests for advice and assistance, including 8,000 calls to our dento-legal helpline which is staffed by dentist advisers who understand your situation and listen empathetically to your concerns.

When you ask dental professionals to think about the worst thing that could happen to them during their career, most are likely to say a claim for compensation or a letter from the GDC.

However, as we highlight in the guide, the benefits of DDU membership go further than indemnity and dento-legal assistance.

There are many challenges facing dental professionals in modern practice; social media, new GDPR regulations and dealing with a complaint or a GDC investigation are among the examples highlighted in these pages. 

The DDU will be on your side and by your side, not only when the going gets tough but throughout your career.

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This guidance was correct at publication 18/10/2018. It is intended as general guidance for members only. If you are a member and need specific advice relating to your own circumstances, please contact one of our advisers.

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