Latest updates and advice

Treatment of sleep apnoea

19 December 2012

Following the screening of the BBC programme ‘Goodnight Britain’, which featured people being treated for a variety of sleep problems, dentists may find they are being approached more frequently for advice from patients with sleep disorders, such as snoring and sleep apnoea.

Doctors targeted by directory services companies urged to take care

10 August 2012

A number of medical and dental members have sought our advice after becoming embroiled in disputes with companies providing directory services.

Take care when using automatic templates in electronic records

22 May 2012

Systems for creating electronic records can improve your practice’s efficiency but problems with the accuracy of the information recorded in electronic notes may make it difficult to defend your actions should your clinical ability or fitness to practise ever be called into question.

DDU welcomes GDC's guidance on ethical advertising

12 March 2012

The DDU often receives calls from its members about advertising their services. On 1 March 2012, the GDC will introduce new guidance for dental professionals on the principles of ethical advertising.

A reminder to ask patients about drinking and smoking habits

28 February 2012

Dental professionals are all too aware of the negative impacts of a poor lifestyle on the oral health of patients. As part of the NHS Future Forum recommendations, dental professionals are being reminded of the need to question patients on their lifestyle choices and how these could potentially adversely affect their oral health.

Removing patients from the register in Scotland

12 January 2012

A warning to dentists in Scotland to seek resolution before removing patients from their list.

Request for child
Receiving a complaint on behalf of a minor

25 August 2011

In most cases, complaints about treatment will be made by patients themselves but when the complaint relates to the treatment of a child, the complaint may come from a parent, carer or another adult.

Retiring from practice

24 June 2011

Retirement can be an exciting time, but for dental professionals it comes with added responsibilities, such as informing patients of your retirement plans, ensuring continuity of care and dealing appropriately with patient records.

GDC registration woes

17 January 2011

For dentists, the deadline for payment of the GDC’s Annual Retention Fee (ARF) has now passed. If, for any reason, you have forgotten to pay or your payment has not gone through, it is important to act straight away or as soon as you realise there is a problem, for example if you notice the fee amount has not been debited from your account.

Raising concerns

16 November 2010

The DDU regularly receives calls from dental hygienists and therapists who have concerns about patient safety at their practice, the conduct of a colleague, or a proposed treatment plan and are unsure what to do for the best.