Indemnity extension for practice owners

We're aware of an increasing number of dental claims being brought against practice owners (both principals and corporates) alleging vicarious liability for negligent care provided by dentists or dental care professionals (DCPs) working for them on an employed or contracted basis.

This is why we have introduced a claims made extension to our standard membership to safeguard dental practice owners against this growing risk.


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Indemnity extension for dental practice owners

By adding this extension to your membership, dental practice owners can request assistance when facing claims for the clinical negligence of an associate, locum or employed dentist that was working for you at the time of the incident.

There is no charge where all associates and employed dentists at a practice are in DDU membership. Terms and conditions

What's included:

  • Payment of defence costs incurred in defending the position of the practice owner and securing the involvement of (or recovery from) the treating dentist or their indemnity providers

  • Payment of damages and legal costs awarded against the practice owner in circumstances in which all efforts to secure the involvement of (or recovery from) the treating dentist have failed.



How it works

By adding extended liability to your membership, you can practise with confidence.

Indemnity for claims arising from acts or omissions of: Standard DDU membership DDU extended liability
Practice owner Yes n/a
Dental nurses Yes n/a
Practice managers Yes n/a
Contracted and employed dentists No Yes*
Contracted and employed DCPs No Yes*

*subject to terms and conditions

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Once your application for the supplement has been agreed, we will then send you a questionnaire where you or your practice manager can provide the details of the associates and employed dentists based at the practice over recent years.