Supporting you

At your call

Our membership team is just a free phone call away. They have been accredited under the prestigious Customer Service Excellence programme and provide excellent levels of service. If you have a question about your subscription or the work you can be indemnified for, we can help you from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday (except bank holidays).

Worried about a complaint?

While claims make the headlines, it's often complaints which cause the most concern to members. If you receive a complaint, our team of dento-legal experts are here to help.

Facing an investigation?

If you are under investigation by your Trust, NCAS or another body, it can be highly stressful. NHS bodies are unlikely to help you with personal support. But we can help you prepare your evidence and help defend your actions if necessary.

Do journalists want a story?

Press attention is rarely good news for members. Our media team can help you respond to enquiries and avoid common pitfalls.

You can rely on our support for

  • preparing a response to patient complaints;
  • complaints to the General Dental Council (GDC), relating to clinical practice and personal misconduct;
  • local disciplinary investigations and hearings arising from your clinical practice (if local procedures allow for our attendance);
  • investigations by the Practitioner Performance Advice (PPA), arising out of clinical concerns;
  • preparing a case and representation in a Coroner's Court;
  • criminal investigations arising from clinical practice;
  • preparing a case and representation at an Inquest (or equivalent formal inquiry);
  • local, regional or national inquiries into the clinical management of patients;
  • advice on managing risks; and 
  • representing you when dealing with press or media enquiries.
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