Image of Irish flag blowing in the wind on a blue sky

MDU members who work primarily in the Republic of Ireland will see a change in the benefits of MDU membership on their next membership renewal on, or after, 1 July 2015 from occurrence to claims made benefits. 

This means that for any incident which happens after your next renewal, you will need to remain in MDU membership in order to report a claim or request assistance, or you have paid additional subscription for the continuing right to request assistance if you leave or retire.

Details of the new benefits which apply to your next membership year are contained in the Ireland Member Guide which will be mailed to every MDU member in Ireland in advance of their next membership renewal. We understand that you may have some questions about this change and we have provided some questions and answers that we hope will resolve many of your queries.

If you have any queries regarding the change to your member benefits that are not answered here please call our membership team on 1800 509 132

References to the benefits of membership and medico-legal advice provided on other pages of the MDU website are for UK members of the MDU. For medico legal advice relating to Ireland please call 1800 535 935.