For associates, practice owners and hygienists/therapists

We can review your contract and provide you with our expert advice.

A contract that clearly sets out the obligations of both practice owner and associate, or self-employed hygienist/therapist, will make disputes less likely.

Our contract checking service helps hundreds of members every year. Members can email us for advice or call our dento-legal advice line on 0800 374 626.

How we can help you

How we can help you

We see a huge variation in contracts for both associates and self-employed hygienists/therapists. Many of these are seriously flawed, in our view, sometimes because of poorly thought-out modifications to a model contract.

With our contract checking service we can:

- check existing or new contracts against best practice guidelines

- provide advice on the wording of an agreement

- give you a model contract for you to adapt, developed in conjunction with specialist dental lawyers.

Our expert team of dento-legal advisers can provide support. Members can email us for advice or call our dento-legal advice line on 0800 374 626.

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What members are saying


Members value the support we provide, and their feedback speaks for itself.

"I truly would like to thank the DDU for this amazing service and cannot express how impressed I was by the adviser and his incredible kindness and patience in combination with his professional expertise."

"Thank you so much for taking the time to read through the contracts and explain things so clearly."

"Thank you so much for your prompt response... It has helped me clarify things I was unsure of."

Watch our short video to hear one member's story.

Get advice before you sign

Get advice before you sign

A well-drafted contract can create certainty, help to build trust and give peace of mind. It can also help to minimise disputes or problems. As a member of the DDU, you can get advice on your contract before you sign, or get help to draft a new contract.

Read our journal article for more general advice on associate contracts. Members can email or call our dento-legal advice line on 0800 374 626.

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Top tips before signing a contract


Our contract checking service is available to practice owners, associate members and self-employed hygienists/therapists.

Agreements should be balanced to protect all parties. This should not only reduce the risk of disputes, but also contribute to a healthy working relationship.

Watch our short video to see our top four tips before signing a contract.

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Need help with a contractual dispute?


Need help with a contractual dispute?

Our advisers can support you in most situations without the need for you to get extra legal support.

However, if you do need to take things further, we can introduce you to a team of specialist dental lawyers. Not only will you get access to experts with considerable experience in handling dental disputes, you'll also benefit from our exclusive member rate.

Members can email us for advice or call our dento-legal advice line on0800 374 626.

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Frequently asked questions

Is there an extra subscription for the associate contract checking benefit?

No. The service is part of membership at no extra cost.

Is the contract checking service only available to associates, or can dental principals also use the service?

The service is available to both associates and principals. We recognise the benefits in having contracts that are clearly worded and executed, which can smooth working relationships to the benefit of both parties and help reduce future dento-legal problems.

DDU dental principals also have access to a free employment law advice line provided by Peninsula for other employment matters such as guidance on managing staff conduct or performance.

Is the contract checking service only for associate contracts? What about hygienists and therapists for instance?

The service is also available for self-employed hygienist and therapist contracts.

Will the DDU be representing both the associate and the principal in an argument over a contract?

No. We can provide a model contract, which is designed to be fair and equitable and can be used by both parties. We can offer general advice about what this provides and how to use it, but we won't deal with specific disputes.