Your first few years as a dentist are likely to hold some of the most memorable and challenging experiences of your life.

Along with the support of your colleagues we're here to help and guide you.

"I know that the DDU is led by dentists and that gives me confidence."

Foundation dentist

Choose your gift

Dental anatomical training model or £10 eGift Card

Choose your gift

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Dental anatomical training model (RRP £59)


£10 eGift Card                                                                               

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What you can expect to pay

  • DCT1: £20

  • General dental practice (associate) full-time: £120

  • General dental practice (associate) part-time*: £95
  • DF2: £20

Subscriptions are for graduates in their second year of practice working in the UK (excluding Scotland). Excludes dental supplements e.g. procedures such as dental cosmetic work and placement or restoration of implants. This offer runs from 1 August 2022 to 31 July 2023.

* 6 sessions or less per week.

Call 0800 085 0614 to set up or change a Direct Debit.

To find out about Scottish subscriptions click here.

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As a mutual membership organisation we’re here to support our members’ best interests. Here’s a reminder of some of the benefits of membership:
  • 24-hour dento-legal helpline.

  • Indemnity for clinical negligence claims.

  • Free contract checking and advice service for associate agreements.

  • Support for complaints to the GDC and disciplinary hearings arising from your clinical practice.

  • Risk management guides, case studies and journal articles.

  • Professional development resources, including webinars and e-learning.

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