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You can turn to us if a patient makes a claim against your organisation or the employed/contracted staff who provided their care.

We offer bespoke indemnity arrangements for your dental organisation while retaining individual professional membership for your healthcare team.

Our solutions are designed to leave no indemnity gaps, whether you’re working in a community interest company, limited company, limited liability partnership or social enterprise we can offer you a bespoke solution.

What are the benefits?

  • Indemnity and defence costs for claims brought against the company for its activities in providing clinical professional services.
  • Indemnity for claims brought against the company arising out of the alleged clinical negligence of an associate or employed dentist.

  • Indemnity includes support for Good Samaritan acts for your identified staff.
  • Indemnity for legal expenses incurred in defending allegations of corporate manslaughter, harassment and unlawful discrimination.
  • Indemnity for a company for legal expenses incurred in relation to an investigation or enquiry by a governmental or regulatory authority (but not a registration body).
  • Indemnity extension for legal costs incurred by the company for directors who are dentists that are not covered for GDC enquiries relating to company affairs.

Extra benefits from our partner Peninsula

Employment law advice line

  • Unlimited access to a 24/7 helpline that can offer you answers to all your employment law questions.

  • Expert help with drafting follow-up letters.

  • Telephone coaching to help you manage difficult or complex employee relations.

Health and safety advice line

  • Access to free and unlimited 24-hour expert advice on all kinds of health and safety issues.

Employee assistance helpline

  • Unlimited access 24/7/365 to free confidential helpline

  • Covers topics such as physical and mental health, family and relationships, financial wellbeing and bereavement

  • Health and wellbeing portal and mobile app

Employment law and health and safety packages

  • Access to purchase full Peninsula employment law and health and safety packages at an exclusive DDU discount.

Frequently asked questions

Is indemnity for vicarious liability included within DDU membership?

Indemnity for clinical negligence claims pleaded vicariously is included as a standard benefit of DDU membership for dental practice principals and our dental corporate members.

Why has the DDU introduced vicarious liability into its standard membership for principal and corporate members?

There are a small, but increasing, number of dental claims being brought against practice owners and the DDU has introduced this inclusion to your membership to safeguard you against this growing risk.

What does indemnity for vicarious liability include?

For more on the benefits of membership, see page 9 of our individual member guide and page 6 of our corporate guide.

Do I need to apply for indemnity for vicarious liability separately?

No. From the 1 June 2021, this benefit has been added automatically to membership for our principal and corporate members. This means that indemnity for clinical negligence claims pleaded vicariously against a practice principal or corporate are now included as a standard benefit of DDU membership.

This applies to claims that arise from treatment after 1 June 2021 and to new claims in which the treatment was provided before that date if the individual or corporate was a DDU member at the time.

Do GDC registered dental professionals still need their own indemnity?

Yes. It is a legal requirement for all dental professionals to have adequate and appropriate indemnity in place for their work. You should obtain and retain a valid certificate of individual indemnity from dental professionals working at your practice.

Does my individual membership indemnify me for claims brought against my company?

Where clinical services are provided by a company, it is increasingly likely that a claim relating to the alleged negligence of an associate or employed dentist will be made against the company. Where the employment of staff and clinical services are provided by an incorporated entity, for example, a limited company, it is important that the entity can respond in its own right to protect the interests of the Director(s). Through our dental corporate indemnity solution we can provide you with the support you need. Find out more about corporate membership or contact the corporate team.

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Case scenarios

Corporate groups are not immune to clinical negligence claims. Here are some examples of scenarios where we have helped.