Unlock practice benefits

GROUPCARE is our new practice scheme. It's free to set up, offers savings on membership for the whole team and provides access to exclusive benefits. Any practice, or multi-site practice, can open a GROUPCARE scheme. Minimum DDU member dentist numbers apply.

If your practice has incorporated, see our corporate solutions for how we can support your practice.

Benefits of GROUPCARE

  • Up to 10% saving on membership for the whole team

  • 50% saving on dental nurse membership

  • Free health & safety advice line when all dentists are with DDU

  • Free CPD practice presentations

  • Free practice manager membership

  • Dedicated local dental liaison manager

  • Quick and easy online GROUPCARE administration

1. Free to set up. GROUPCARE is open to any practice, or multi-site practice, that has not incorporated, where half or more of dentists within the practice are members (minimum two). Excludes dentists in a training grade such as FDs, VTs and DCTs.

2. Save 10% on membership. Available to all members in the practice, or multi-site practice, when all dentists are DDU members.  Applied at individual member renewal date after the scheme set up date. 

3. Save 5% on membership. Available to all members in the practice, or multi-site practice, when more than half the dentists at the practice (minimum two) are DDU members. Applied at individual member renewal date after the scheme set up date. 

4. Dental nurses save 50% on membership. Must be permanently employed or contracted by the practice.  Applied at individual member renewal date after the scheme set up date.

5. Free membership for practice managers. Must be permanently employed or contracted by the practice. Excludes partners.

6. Free CPD practice presentations. Subject to availability.

7. Free 24-hour health and safety advice line. Available to practices, or multi-site practices, when all dentists are DDU members. Provided by Peninsula, a provider of employment law and health and safety services in the UK.

8. GROUPCARE membership. Individual members are only eligible to join one GROUPCARE scheme.

9. Membership benefits. The DDU always seeks to offer attractive benefits as part of membership and, from time to time, may add, withdraw or amend benefits at its discretion.

GROUPCARE benefits explained

Save up to 10% off membership

All members in a GROUPCARE scheme get at least 5% off their DDU subscription. When all dentists in your practice, or multi-site practices are DDU members, everyone can save 10% on their subscription. Membership savings are applied at a member's individual renewal date, after the scheme set up date.

Save 50% on dental nurse membership

Nurses contracted or employed in your practice, who want access to indemnity and assistance in their own right, can join the DDU and save 50% on membership in a GROUPCARE scheme.

As a member, nurses will get the comfort of knowing there is someone to turn to for expert advice and legal representation if a GDC investigation or disciplinary hearing arises from clinical practice. A nurse who finds themselves the subject of a GDC investigation cannot look to their employer’s indemnity for assistance.

Free health & safety advice when all dentists are with DDU

When all dentists at your practice are DDU members, practice owners will get instant access to a support helpline from Peninsula, a leading provider of health & safety services in the UK. Through Peninsula, your practice will get unlimited access to a 24-hour advice line staffed by health and safety experts.

Peninsula can help your practice meet UK laws and keep your colleagues and patients safe leaving you free to focus on your top priority, your patients.

Free CPD practice presentations

Your whole team can stay up to date with our suite of dento-legal presentations. These free one hour risk management seminars are designed with the whole practice in mind and are delivered at your convenience. Presented by your local liaison manager, the presentations will be delivered using a mix of direct teaching, group discussion, case studies and reflective exercises.

Topics include:

  1. Record keeping
  2. Resolving complaints
  3. Dealing with challenging people
  4. Dento-legal climate
  5. Telephone skills
  6. Duty of Candour (coming soon)
  7. Confidentiality (coming soon)
  8. Consent (coming soon)

Find out more and book your GROUPCARE presentation.

Free practice manager membership

With membership, practice managers get direct access to our 24-hour dento-legal advice line where they can seek support and guidance on a range of issues including confidentiality and record keeping. We also provide advice on how best to handle complaints relating to issues such as dental fees, NHS exemptions and refund requests.

Dedicated support for your practice

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Dedicated support for your practice

As a GROUPCARE practice, you will get dedicated support from one of our regional dental liaison managers.

Your liaison manager can help you and your team to get the maximum benefit from group membership. They can offer support with queries such as:

• how to set up a scheme and manage it online
• getting a quote and processing a new membership application
• booking dento-legal training for both clinical and non clinical staff

Find your local liaison manager.

Frequently asked questions

When will my membership savings be applied?

Your GROUPCARE discount will be applied at your next individual renewal date after your GROUPCARE scheme has been set up. 

I work part-time. Am I eligible to join GROUPCARE?


I am a dental nurse, and a member of your DNA scheme, will I continue to get a membership discount?

GROUPCARE will replace our dental nurse advantage (DNA) scheme. Practices with a DNA scheme in place are invited to open a GROUPCARE scheme. As a dental nurse member within a GROUCARE scheme you can continue to save 50% on your membership. Open a GROUPCARE scheme.

I am a multi-site practice owner. Can I set up one scheme for all my practices?

Yes. Simply contact our membership team on 0800 085 061.

I work at more than one practice. Can I join a GROUPCARE scheme?

Yes. Dental professionals who work at multiple practices can get access to discounted membership through a GROUPCARE scheme. However, you can only be a member of ONE scheme.  If you work at more than one practice with a GROUPCARE scheme, simply tell us which GROUPCARE scheme you want to join.

I am a hygienist/therapist and I work in more than one practice. Can I get a discount if I work across multiple practices?
Yes, if you are permanently employed or contracted by the practice that has a GROUPCARE scheme.
My practice has incorporated. Can we open a GROUPCARE scheme?

No. GROUPCARE has been created to support practices that have not incorporated. Practices (and partners) that have incorporated are liable for risks such as performance or conduct of individual staff as well as sub-contractors who don’t usually have their own professional indemnity.

There are many benefits available to incorporated practices with corporate membership of the DDU. If your practice has incorporated we can help you consider your corporate risk and defend your company against claims that arise from its practice. Find out more about the benefits of corporate membership.