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periodontal probe being used on patient

Navigating dento-legal challenges in periodontal care

This course examines some of the common dento-legal difficulties that can arise when treating periodontal issues - and how to avoid them.

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online learning CPD

Dento-legal dilemmas CPD

Read through dilemmas and earn CPD by completing the assessments.

Online CPD

Dental ethics and law CPD

Work through fictional scenarios and understand the principles of dental ethics and law in our e-learning CPD module.

Happy face vs sad face

Dental complaints CPD

This interactive e-learning course covers all aspects of effective complaints handling.

GROUPCARE practice presentations

Pile of paperwork

Good record-keeping

This presentation focuses on creating, managing and maintaining dependable dental records.

Thumbs up and thumbs down

Resolving complaints

This presentation is aimed at helping participants to confidently manage common complaints.

challenging patient

Dealing with challenging patients

This presentation addresses managing difficult patient behaviours, emphasising safety for all.