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GROUPCARE is the DDU's practice scheme. It's free to set up, offers savings on individual membership for the whole team and provides access to exclusive benefits such as practice presentations. 

With GROUPCARE your whole team can stay up to date with our dento-legal practice presentations. These one hour risk management seminars are designed with the whole practice in mind. And in these changing times, they can be delivered online to suit your availability or face-to-face if safe to do so. 

Presented by local liaison managers, the presentations will be delivered using a mix of direct teaching, group discussion, case studies and reflective exercises.

Our dental liaison managers have a many years of experience working within the dental sector. This enables them to provide informative seminars that allow interactive discussions on key dento-legal issues. The topics they can cover are:

  1. Dento-legal climate
  2. Good record-keeping
  3. Dealing with challenging patients
  4. Telephone communication skills
  5. Resolving complaints
  6. Duty of candour 
  7. Data protection and confidentiality
  8. Capacity and consent

To book your GROUPCARE practice presentation, simply complete the form below. To find out more about GROUPCARE, contact your local dental liaison manager.

Dento-legal climate

1 hour

Many complaints and claims are resolved but a small proportion continue to legal or disciplinary proceedings. This presentation covers:

  • the common causes of complaints in dental practices
  • the consequences of failing to obtain valid consent
  • the importance of maintaining patient confidentiality
  • why keeping good records can be essential if a complaint or claim is made.

Good record-keeping

1 hour

We make records all the time for the very good reason that no one's memory is wholly reliable. This presentation uses practical examples and can help participants to understand:

  • what constitutes a dental record
  • the importance of good record-keeping
  • and feel more confident about ensuring that their records are complete and of high quality.

Dealing with challenging patients

1 hour

Patients can become upset or angry for a number of reasons, such as excessive waiting times, delayed or cancelled appointments and a failure to address complaints. In this presentation we provide advice on:

  • why patients may present with challenging behaviours
  • solutions to support and manage challenging patients
  • strategies to reduce the risk of challenging behaviours becoming threatening, aggressive or violent
  • how to try and protect yourself and others from risks.

Telephone communication skills

1 hour

Many misunderstandings which arise when communicating with patients over the phone can be avoided. This presentation looks at:

  • the common causes for complaints when communicating over the phone
  • dealing with unreasonable demands
  • when not to discuss treatment over the phone
  • what should be included in your practice telephone policy.

Resolving complaints

1 hour 

This presentation focuses on the common reasons why complaints occur and will help participants to:

  • understand the common causes of complaints
  • appreciate the relevant guidance that applies to complaints
  • know what is required if a complaint is received
  • be more confident in dealing with a complaint if it happens.

Duty of candour

1 hour

There is an ethical as well as a legal obligation to be open and honest when things go wrong. This presentation will cover:

  • what’s required of you to enable you to meet your ethical and legal obligations.
  • the thresholds which trigger the duty of candour.
  • approaching conversations with patients when things go wrong.


Data protection and confidentiality

1 hour

To be able to establish trust in a dental professional, patients need to know that everything about them will be kept confidential. In this presentation we aim to:

  • refresh your knowledge of confidentiality
  • help you apply your knowledge to common scenarios
  • discuss when you might need to seek further help and advice.


Capacity and consent

1 hour

It is essential that consent is obtained before any care is provided for a patient. In this presentation we provide advice on:

  • the ethical principles of consent
  • why consent is important in clinical practice
  • the implications of recent changes to the laws on consent and how they relate to the work you do.


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