When you need support, we’re by your side

Have you thought what it would feel like if a complaint against you was made to the GDC? DDU professional indemnity offers you more than just financial assistance if things go wrong.

Talking things through with one of our expert dento-legal advisers, all dentists themselves, can help clarify things and reassure you. It doesn't need to be a crisis before you call us.

Our members also benefit from free online CPD that covers confidentiality, consent and capacity and much more. When you need support, we're here for you.

Why you should choose the DDU

What are the benefits?

  • Robust defence of your professional reputation for claims arising from the normal practice of dentistry in the UK.
  • Professional indemnity that meets GDC requirements, pays your legal costs and compensates patients if you face a claim.
  • Inclusive vicarious liability for practice principals for the acts or omissions of associates, employed dentists and dental care professionals.
  • Expert dento-legal advice and support from our 24-hour helpline for day-to-day questions on confidentiality, patient consent, record keeping and more.
  • Free contract checking and advice service for associate agreements. 
  • Access to free employment law advice for practice principals from Peninsula who have expertise in employment legislation, contractual requirements and case law precedents.
  • Free verifiable CPD with our online dento-legal courses.
  • Webinars to boost your learning.
  • Stay up to date with case studies, ethical dilemmas and the DDU journal.
  • Access to free periodontology e-learning modules.
  • Exclusive exclusive member rate on accountancy, tax and business advisory services with specialist medical accountancy firm, Armstrong Watson LLP.

Becoming a member

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To each and every one of you, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for having the faith in me and helping me to strive for constant improvement.”

General dental practitioner

It was a great comfort to know that there was a highly experienced and professional team behind me. I think that without the calm and reassuring demeanour of the DDU, dealing with a formal complaint would have been a far more stressful experience.”

General dental practitioner

Frequently asked questions

How do I calculate my average number of weekly sessions?

Your subscription may be based on the amount and type of work that you do. For some members subscriptions are based on sessions.

If you are unsure if your subscription is session based, or you have a question about calculating sessions, call our membership team on 0800 085 0614.

To calculate your average number of sessions worked per week, use the following calculation:

Calculating sessions

Your subscription is based on your average number of weekly sessions across your membership year.

Is indemnity for vicarious liability included within DDU membership?

Indemnity for clinical negligence claims pleaded vicariously is included as a standard benefit of DDU membership for dental practice principals and our dental corporate members.

Do I need to apply for indemnity for vicarious liability separately?

No. From the 1 June 2021, this benefit has been added automatically to membership for our principal and corporate members. This means that indemnity for clinical negligence claims pleaded vicariously against a practice principal or corporate are now included as a standard benefit of DDU membership.

This applies to claims that arise from treatment after 1 June 2021 and to new claims in which the treatment was provided before that date if the individual or corporate was a DDU member at the time.

Do GDC registered dental professionals still need their own indemnity?

Yes. It is a legal requirement for all dental professionals to have adequate and appropriate indemnity in place for their work. You should obtain and retain a valid certificate of individual indemnity from dental professionals working at your practice.

Does my individual membership indemnify me for claims brought against my company?

Where clinical services are provided by a company, it is increasingly likely that a claim relating to the alleged negligence of an associate or employed dentist will be made against the company. Where the employment of staff and clinical services are provided by an incorporated entity, for example, a limited company, it is important that the entity can respond in its own right to protect the interests of the Director(s). Through our dental corporate indemnity solution we can provide you with the support you need. Find out more about corporate membership or contact the corporate team.