Supporting you when you need it

During these unprecedented times, we recognise that members are faced with significant changes to primary dental practice. We want to reassure you that the DDU is on hand to answer any dento-legal queries and will make every effort to continue to support our members at this difficult time.

Our dento-legal advice about the COVID-19 pandemic will be regularly updated as the situation develops.

Post during the COVID-19 pandemic

We can no longer receive postal deliveries as our office has closed for the duration of the pandemic and all staff are working at home. Please email all enquiries.

Membership questions

What's the best way to tell you that I plan to return to work?

You will need to update us about your return to work, but you do not need to tell our membership team at this stage. Members will receive an online form to complete when ready to work and this can be used to increase the number of sessions you plan to work or to reinstate your membership.

I have been asked to help the NHS during the pandemic, do I need to tell the DDU?

The Department of Health and Social Care has confirmed that medical work you do for the NHS in primary or secondary care during the pandemic will be indemnified by the NHS. Any dental work you do in NHS trusts will also be NHS indemnified. You can continue to receive dento-legal support from the DDU but please tell us about the change in your work so we can make any adjustment to your subscription.

The indemnity arrangements for work in urgent dental care centres or hubs are currently uncertain and may vary according to the location and commissioning arrangements. In view of this we would recommend that you contact us if you are considering undertaking this work and give us details of the proposed arrangements.

I have stopped work completely due to the pandemic, do I need to tell the DDU?

Yes. Simply email us at and provide the date of your last working day. Your subscription will be adjusted to reflect this. However, if you are doing any clinical work during the pandemic, including remote advice and consultations or work in an urgent dental care centre or hub, it is important to retain active DDU membership so that you can access our advice and support in relation to this work.

The amount of work I do is reducing because of the pandemic, will my DDU subscription be reduced?

Yes. Simply email us at and tell us how many sessions per week you are working and the date this changed.

Subscriptions are based on average weekly sessions across the whole membership year, therefore your new subscription will depend on where you are in your membership year. See how we calculate your average number sessions.

I will be involved in providing urgent NHS dental care services during the COVID-19 outbreak. Do I need to tell the DDU?

To date, it has not been confirmed that claims arising from this work will be indemnified by CNST, CNSGP or the Coronavirus Act 2020. Therefore, you will need to tell us about the work you are doing to ensure you can access DDU support and indemnity for this work.


I am a dental student and have an elective planned. What do I need to do about my elective?

Your university will advise on what their plans are for electives. If you need to cancel or rearrange your elective, there is no need to tell us until you have rescheduled and have the revised arrangements confirmed.