Graduate advice

Our guide to good dentistry for young dentists.

Preparing for foundation training
Preparing for foundation training

20 July 2021

Hear from DDU advisors about the dento-legal issues dentists may face when making the transition from undergraduate to foundation training.

Tablet with social media options on it
Careless talk costs careers

Be mindful of the potential dangers that social networking and other online communications presents.

Woman typing on a laptop
Check the registration of DCPs

Unregistered DCPs could put you at risk.

Man holding a bunch of flowers
Dealing with an amorous patient

Why you should nip inappropriate patient behaviour in the bud.

Chain and padlock around a confidential file
Protecting confidential records

As a dental professional you are responsible for ensuring the security of all patient information.

Raising concern about a colleague

All members of the dental team have an ethical duty to put patients' interests first.

Image of a complaints form
Receiving complaints from third parties

Be careful to respond appropriately to complaints made by someone claiming to act on behalf of the patient.

Worried dentist reading a letter of complaint
Responding to patient complaints

All patient complaints must be taken seriously.

Saying sorry
Saying sorry

If a dental professional apologies to a patient they are simply showing concern – not admitting liability or fault.