Check the registration of DCPs

Unregistered DCPs could put you at risk.  

The GDC has warned that if a dentist employs or manages an unregistered person to work as a DCP, the dentist could be liable to fitness to practise proceedings and possible removal from the register. 

The Dentists Act 1984 makes it an offence for a person who is not a registered dental professional to practise dentistry, or hold themselves out – whether directly or by implication – as practising or being prepared to practise dentistry. 

GDC guidance

Dentists have a duty to ensure that any person employed by them or who carries out any work commissioned by them is registered or is in training.
Paragraph 6.6.2 of the GDC's Standards for the Dental Team (2013) states 'You should make sure that relevant team members are appropriately registered with the GDC or another healthcare regulator, appropriately in training to be registered with the GDC or another healthcare regulator and that those who are registered with the GDC are also indemnified.'

Our advice

  • Always check the registration of DCPs you employ or work alongside.
  • If in doubt you can visit the GDC website to check a dental professional's qualifications and registration details.

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