Preparing for foundation interviews


For most newly qualified dentists, Dental Foundation Training in general dental practice is the next step. To get the scheme you want, you'll need to aim for a high assessment score, as the offer made to you will be on the basis of your national ranking and preferences.  The higher you rank, the better your chance of being allocated your first-choice scheme!

The SJT includes scenarios with a dento-legal element and to help you get the high rank that you deserve, take a look at the following resources which can help you with your SJT success.

  • DF1Success. Our SJT preparation e-learning course will provide you with some sample SJTs. They will give you further practical experience and support with answering situational judgement questions, and discuss how ethical reasoning and GDC principals should influence your answers.
  • Our online dental ethics and law training module can help you work through some of the situations that members face every day.
  • The DDU guide. You'll get comprehensive ethical and legal advice on a variety of subjects, including patient consent, confidentiality and complaint handling, plus real-life scenarios. 
  • Standards for the Dental Team - the GDC's standards of conduct, performance and ethics.

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