Preparing for foundation interviews


The coronavirus pandemic has made it difficult to hold face-to-face assessments, which means applicants for dental foundation training posts in September 2022 will be ranked by their performance in the SJT and in a virtual interview which assesses their communication skills. The SJT includes scenarios with a dento-legal element and the following are resources that can offer you help with your revision:

  • DF1Success. Our SJT preparation e-learning course that will explain how to approach both elements of the SJT and virtual interview assessment so you can demonstrate your understanding of safe, ethical dental practice.
  • Our online dental ethics and law training module that can help you work through some of the situations that members face every day.
  • The DDU guide. It provides comprehensive ethical and legal advice on a variety of subjects, including patient consent, confidentiality and complaint handling, plus real-life scenarios. 
  • Standards for the Dental Team which is the GDC's standards of conduct, performance and ethics.