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Only available to dental students in the UK who are on a GDC recognised dental degree or training programme. Excludes clinical activity undertaken outside of a training post.

If you are studying dentistry in your first year, you will get a free Oxford Medical Dictionary. This will be posted once your application has been accepted.

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Please note the dictionary is only available to dentistry students in their first year of study (freshers).

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Declaration and agreement

I hereby apply for DDU student membership of The Medical Defence Union Limited (MDU), in accordance with its Memorandum and Articles of Association.

I understand and acknowledge that

  • The Dental Defence Union is the specialist dental division of The Medical Defence Union Limited and references to the DDU and membership of the DDU mean the MDU and membership of the MDU;

  • MDU Services Limited (MDUSL) is the service company for the MDU and DDU and any notices or information which I am required to give to the MDU or DDU should be sent to MDUSL;

  • benefits of membership of the DDU are discretionary and are subject to the MDU's Memorandum and Articles of Association;

  • benefits will extend only to activities undertaken by me, as part of or during my studies, in the country in which I am registered as a student, and may be granted to me provided that I have complied with all laws, regulations and formal rules and guidance that apply to such activities;

  • with the exception of Good Samaritan acts, the benefits of membership may be extended to include an overseas elective provided that:

    • the elective is authorised and approved by the dean of the dental school at which I am registered; and

    • I notify, and the DDU agrees to, the country and dates of my elective in advance of its commencement;

    • I undertake that any work I do during such an elective will only be at the request and under the direction of an appropriately qualified practitioner, and will be within my training and experience to date;

  • I must notify the DDU in writing of any change in address (including email), country or place of study or any other circumstance which may be relevant to membership;

  • a condition of membership of the DDU is that any misrepresentation or misstatement in, or omission of, any information which is likely to influence the acceptance or assessment of this application, whether intentional or not, is cause for immediate rejection of this application or termination of membership and that in such circumstances all benefits of membership of the DDU may be withdrawn or denied. 

I declare that

  • to the best of my knowledge and belief the information provided in connection with this application, whether in my own hand or not, is true and I have not withheld any material facts.

Data protection

Note: The MDU/DDU's privacy policy, which can be found on the DDU website at, sets out:

  • that the DDU, MDU, MDUSL and other Permitted Users will keep and use your personal information;
  • the purposes for which your personal information will be used and what the MDU, DDU and MDUSL can send to you, including marketing communications.

Please read the privacy policy carefully.

Your submission of this application is your consent to the way in which your personal data may be used.


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Statutory communications

I agree to:

  • having access to the MDU's annual accounts, directors' report and auditor's report, and any other documents or information sent or supplied by the MDU, on the MDU website at;
  • notice of general meetings of the MDU being given to me by access on the MDU website, together with details of any proxy appointment deadlines;
  • being notified by email of the publication or availability of notice of general meetings, or any other documents or information sent or supplied by the MDU, on the MDU website, the address of the website, the place on the website where the documents or information may be accessed and how the documents or information may be accessed;
  • being sent or supplied by the MDU with notice of general meetings or any documents or information, by email;
  • notify the DDU of my email address, which may be used for sending emails for the above purposes. Any email address given by me elsewhere on this form is the relevant email address for this purpose, until I notify any change. I understand that if the DDU does not have my email address, I will receive notification by post instead of electronically;
  • notify the DDU of changes in my email address.