Cautionary Tales

These case studies, based on DDU members' real-life experiences, provide a valuable opportunity for shared learning across a wide range of specialties and situations, as well as illustrating how we offer assistance to members when they need it most.

Puffer fish

Surgical emphysema during extraction

A patient attended a DDU member for extraction of a badly decayed lower wisdom tooth.

Train tracks with rail missing

Erroneous extraction

A DDU general dental practitioner member was visited by a patient complaining of toothache.

Bowling ball and pins

Damage to adjacent tooth

A patient was referred to a DDU member for extraction of UR8.

Cracks in marble

Fractured tuberosity during extraction

A patient in her late 50s attended her dentist complaining of pain from a back tooth.

Departure board showing delays

Avoidable delay in extraction

A patient's extraction was delayed because the practice had run out of the appropriate anaesthetic.

Worried patient

Dental phobia

A patient with dental phobia needed fillings at UR6 and LL6.