Recognise your technical limits when performing root canal treatment and be prepared to refer patients if necessary.

Dental professional asking a patient questions. This patient is sitting in a dentist chair.
Guide to consent to dental treatment

14 September 2022

You must seek consent before any investigation or treatment, and certain criteria must be fulfilled for consent from a patient to be valid.

Dentist explaining X-ray to patient
Avoiding criticism over dental charges and exemptions

24 August 2022

Confusion about dental charges and NHS exemption is a common cause for patient complaints, but there are ways to avoid the pitfalls.

Man reading letter
Dealing with the emotional impact of a claim

24 August 2022

Facing a claim for clinical negligence can cause a lot of stress and worry, so it's important to know that support is available - and where to find it.

Man looking over documents at a desk
Acting as an expert witness

24 August 2022

Expert witnesses help the court with matters that require particular expertise.

Acting as a professional witness

24 August 2022

Being involved in a court case as a professional witness involves reporting the facts of your professional dealings with a patient.

Man holding mobile phone
UK GDPR: data subjects' rights

19 August 2022

GDPR makes data subjects' rights much more explicit. Here we explain your obligations.

Dentist writing a plan for patient
Giving information to patients

16 August 2022

A practice's communication with patients needs to make a positive impression - whether through its website, marketing literature or other written information.

Man at keyboard with credit card
UK GDPR: data breaches

12 August 2022

Unaddressed data breaches can result in heavy fines for those responsible, and can have a significant effect on individuals whose data is concerned.

Five people in a waiting room
Quality assurance and patient safety

5 August 2022

Dental practices are expected to have a quality assurance system in place to monitor services and improve them if necessary.