As a dental professional you have a professional, legal and contractual responsibility to protect patients' confidentiality.

Remote consultation
Receiving and storing video footage from online consultations

12 November 2021

Video conferencing and patient images can be helpful in remote consultations, but be aware of the dento-legal issues around receiving and storing them.

Two colleagues talking
Communicating with colleagues

5 November 2021

Good interpersonal skills have never been more important for dental professionals.

Stressed doctor at desk
Dentists' health and wellbeing: sources of support

29 October 2021

Dento-legal concerns can be extremely stressful for dental professionals at every level, but there are lots of places you can turn to for help if you need it.

Periodontal examination
Prioritising periodontal checks

15 October 2021

Periodontal disease is widespread and as much a threat to patients' oral health as tooth decay.

Close up of hands writing
Records and reports in court cases

11 October 2021

Records can be critical in establishing the facts in a court case.

close-up of tooth whitening light in dental practice
Cosmetic treatments and dentistry

8 October 2021

Many dental practices offer procedures intended to enhance patients' appearance and confidence, as well as safeguarding their oral health.

Do Not Pass sign
When consent is withheld

4 October 2021

Patients may give consent, but they may also refuse or restrict it.

Image of padlock against digital binary numbers
Protecting patient data

27 September 2021

Data protection law imposes a legal duty on those responsible for personal data to store it securely and protect it from unauthorised or unlawful processing.

A man holding a letter
What do I do if I receive a claim?

21 September 2021

Receiving a negligence claim can be upsetting, but we can help guide and support you through the process. Here's what you need to know.