Health and wellbeing

1 hour of CPD


Working in dentistry is busy, and the nature of the work can at times be emotionally demanding. Looking after yourself is just as important as looking after patients, but it isn't always that easy, and sometimes the balance can tip in the wrong direction. If left unchecked, stress and anxiety can build up and impact your health, or your ability to deliver safe care.

This short course will help you link your existing knowledge with your own wellbeing, and give you the confidence to take the first steps in ensuring your colleagues’ wellbeing too. It is anticipated to help to meet GDC learning development outcomes B and D and provide you with one our of verifiable CPD.

  • Module 1 considers your own wellbeing and potential barriers to seeking help
  • Module 2 covers sources of worry, responding constructively to negative feedback, and the psychological impact of complaints
  • Module 3 looks at the ways people cope with stressful situations, managing anxiety at work, and self-help resources
  • Module 4 considers how depression and burnout  may present in dental professionals
  • Module 5 is a short assessment of multiple choice questions.

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