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Our digital journal allows you to earn CPD by testing your knowledge on a range of dento-legal topics.

Just follow the links below to the articles in the journal, and then take the accompanying quiz. Pass the test and you'll be presented with your CPD certificate, which you can then print or save and add to your portfolio.

Good record keeping

They are the basis for effective patient care and have an important dento-legal purpose - but what makes good dental records, and what else do dental professionals need to consider?

DDU journal, spring 2019 - Good record keeping

Responding to online criticism

Patients are more likely than ever to turn to social media to voice their concerns about their treatment, so it's vital to understand your personal and professional responsibilities.

1 hour CPD

Managing patients with dementia

The dental health of people with dementia can become secondary to other considerations. But the dental team can make a vital contribution to patients' quality of life, as Christine Osborne explains.

1 hour CPD

Dealing with dental complaints

Complaints are common, and it's vital to know how to manage them professionally and appropriately.

1 hour CPD


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