Indemnity for your elective

Before you go on your elective it's important to make sure you have adequate indemnity in place. It's likely your elective host will ask you for written confirmation or may even ask you to pay for professional indemnity.

As a benefit of student membership, we can provide you with free professional indemnity for your clinical practice during your elective.

As well as free professional indemnity for your elective, we also provide you with:

  • Access to our 24-hour medico-legal advisory helpline.
  • All members can receive professional indemnity for Good Samaritan acts worldwide. This means providing clinical services related to a clinical emergency, accident or disaster when you are present as a bystander.

Confirm your indemnity arrangement

When you've decided on your destination, go to My membership and complete the elective indemnity form. You can add up to three destinations and download and print your confirmation letter.

You can also have it emailed to you, or someone else, or posted to the address we have for you. We recommend you take this with you on your elective.

Unfortunately due to legislation we are unable to offer indemnity for any work in Australia during your elective. We can however provide you with access to our
24-hour medico-legal advisory helpline and indemnity for Good Samaritan acts.

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