Case studies

Permanent scarring

5 October 2002

The patient had scarring at the corner of her mouth allegedly from damage during routine surgery.

Wedding teeth

1 October 2002

A dentist received an adverse dental reference officer's report regarding the maintenance of anterior teeth and the provision of a partial denture for a patient with severe chronic periodontitis and extensive caries.

Penicillin alergy

11 September 2002

A dentist overlooked a patient's recorded allergy to penicillin and prescribed a course of amoxycillin. The patient subsequently suffered an anaphylactic shock.

Misdiagnosis of acute pulpitis

1 September 2002

Failure to diagnose acute pulpitis as opposed to wisdom tooth symptons and administrative delays in arranging follow up treatment.

Inhaled tooth

12 July 2002

A child inhaled a tooth during extraction; obstructing his breathing and requiring hospital treatment to obtain respiratory control. The case went to trial and raised some important issues about correct procedure.

Difficult children

3 July 2002

Anybody who has pointed a toothbrush in the direction of a child will appreciate the difficulties encountered by dentists when treating them. These two case histories involving uncontrollable children show how a complaint can involve the GDC, the pol

An optimistic claim

5 June 2002

A patient's tooth fractured during extraction and the remainder of the root was surgically removed 5 months later. The patient claimed damages in excess of £60,000, most of which related to loss of earnings.

Inadequate tongue protection

3 June 2002

Although a dentist had taken precautions, the patient sued because her tongue bad been cut during treatment. The dentist was vulnerable to the allegation of negligence and a settlement was made.

Inadequate treatment

10 May 2002

On the advice of her previous dentist, a patient complained of substandard treatment following a lengthy period of restorative work.

Prescription error

9 May 2002

A patient was prescribed amoxycillin but his dental records indicated he was allergic to penicillin.