Case studies

Permanent molar extraction

A dentist found himself facing a claim for compensation, following the erroneous extraction of a 6-year old patient's tooth

Image of a complaint form
Reasonable care and skill

A dentist was not liable for the loss of tooth, but did fail to refer the patient

Surprise complaint

When a patient presented with a chipped LR6, the dentist, a DDU member, recommended a crown, but the patient decided against it at that time. Several months later, the tooth fractured again and the patient was now also in pain from LR7. The member focused on relieving the pain at LR7 and placed a temporary filling in the asymptomatic LR6. Root canal treatment on LR7 was successful, but the patient again delayed having a crown on LR6, due to financial constraints.

Unerupted canine

A patient alleged that her dentist should have recognised an ectopically positioned canine when she was a teenager