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19 December 2018

We get lots of enquiries from members around the issue of consent, and it's a factor in almost every aspect of patient interaction. Here we review the main principles.

Dealing with online criticism

19 December 2018

Patients are increasingly turning to social media to raise their concerns, so it's important to know how to respond if you're criticised online

GDC investigations

19 December 2018

A GDC fitness to practise investigation can be a daunting experience, but understanding the process - and how we can help - can mean you're better prepared if you're ever under the spotlight.

concerns colleague
Dealing with dental complaints

9 March 2015

Knowing how to deal with a complaint appropriately can help resolve it quickly and to the patient’s satisfaction, as Dr Leo Briggs explains.

GDC Fitness to Practise procedures

9 March 2015

If you receive a notification from the GDC of a complaint against you, it can help to know what to expect. Presented by John Makin

Writing a report
Writing a dento-legal report

9 March 2015

It's always worth taking the time and trouble to get a dento-legal report absolutely right, says Sue N'Jie.

Open door with key
Direct Access explained

20 January 2014

In a joint podcast on Direct Access, dento-legal adviser Leo Briggs and the BSDHT's president Julie Rosse talk about the legal and ethical limits of the treatment that a hygienist or therapist can actually provide, the barriers to practising entirely independently and what direct access means in practice.

Clinical negligence claims explained

12 August 2010

Having your reputation called into question is daunting for any dentist. In this podcast, Debbie Herbst, dento-legal adviser, explains how the clinical negligence process works.

Image of a man reading about a claim
A letter from the GDC

12 October 2009

Getting a letter from the GDC saying someone has complained about you can be very worrying. In this podcast, Leo Briggs, dento-legal adviser explains the process.

dealing with the media
Dealing with the media

12 October 2009

In this podcast, Mark Phillips, a DDU dento-legal adviser, provides advice to members who find themselves in the media spotlight.