Podcasts and videos

Watch our on-demand webinar about the legal, ethical and contractual duty of confidentiality and the key principles of data protection.

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Communicating with challenging people / Misconduct or misunderstood?

26 April 2021

Watch our on-demand webinar to hear about the dento-legal implications of communicating with challenging people and understanding misconduct in the workplace.

Remote consultations
Remote consultations

11 February 2021

Watch our on-demand webinar to hear about the dento-legal implications of remote consultations.

Ethics in practice – COVID-19 update

3 December 2020

Deputy head of the DDU, Leo Briggs, talks about the dento-legal implications of working during a pandemic.

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From lockdown to back to practice

7 August 2020

Dr Andrew Chandrapal explains how he survived lockdown while looking after patients remotely and how he is making the transition back to work.

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Complaints handling during the COVID-19 pandemic

22 July 2020

DDU dento-legal adviser Sue N’Jie explains why it’s important to have good complaint handling policies and procedures in place, especially during the current climate.

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Health and wellbeing for dental professionals

17 July 2020

Emily Howden explores ways to recognise the impact the current circumstances may be having on our health and wellbeing.

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The difference between laws, guidance and standards

18 June 2020

Dental Defence Union (DDU) dento-legal adviser David Lauder looks at the differences between laws, guidance and standards and why it’s important to follow them.

Practical tips for conducting a remote consultation

28 May 2020

Alison Large addresses questions on remote consultations, including record keeping while working remotely and remote prescribing.

Dento-legal principles for working remotely

21 May 2020

Alison Large looks at some of the dento-legal considerations associated with working remotely.