Dental complaints

2 hours of verifiable CPD


Complaints are a fact of life in every dental practice. And while no one likes to hear that a patient is unhappy, a complaint is also a golden opportunity to show your practice at its best, as well as uncover issues that need to be addressed.

This interactive DDU course covers all aspects of effective complaints handling, so the whole practice team has the confidence to respond promptly and professionally when a complaint arises.

The course is made up of 5 modules:

  1. Warning signs
  2. Principles and procedures
  3. Resolving a complaint
  4. Learning from complaints
  5. Assessment

Learning objectives:

  • To have an understanding of how and why complaints arise.
  • To recognise potential complaints.
  • To offer a comprehensive guide to processes and procedures.
  • To be able to respond constructively to a complaint to try and avoid it escalating.
  • To learn from complaints and prevent similar complaints occuring.

2 hours of verifiable CPD

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