Records are an essential part of patient care and can provide evidence if your standard of care is called into question.

Writing a report
Setting out a written complaint response

16 July 2019

A properly composed written response is a crucial part of the overall complaints procedure.

Documents being examined
How to write a professional witness dental report

25 June 2019

A dento-legal report is more complex than a clinical report. Writing it correctly may minimise any requests to you for clarification.

Image of a complaint form
Reasons for patient complaints

5 June 2019

Most dental professionals will receive a complaint from a patient at some time in their career, so understanding why they occur is vital.

Man complaining to dentist
The NHS and social care complaints procedure: local resolution

29 January 2019

Wherever possible, it's best to try and resolve complaints at the local level. Here's what you need to know.

Unhappy patient in private practice
Complaints in the private sector

10 January 2019

Complaints arising from independent practice are handled similarly to those in the NHS, but there are some distinctions to be aware of.

NHS and social care complaints procedure: the PHSO

10 January 2019

Complaints can be escalated to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman if a local resolution is unsuccessful.

Dissatisfied patient and dentist talking
Introduction to the NHS and social care complaints procedure

9 January 2019

Covering the basics of the NHS and social care complaints procedure in England.

man confronted by two colleagues
Effective complaint handling

9 January 2019

Handling complaints quickly and effectively is key to avoid the situation escalating.

Do Not Pass sign
When consent is withheld

11 December 2018

Patients may give consent, but they may also refuse or restrict it.