Remote consultation
Receiving and storing video footage from online consultations

14 May 2020

Video conferencing and patient images can be helpful in remote consultations, but be aware of the dento-legal issues around receiving and storing them.

Two colleagues talking
Communicating with colleagues

4 May 2020

Good interpersonal skills have never been more important for dental professionals.

Man reading letter by window
Proving clinical negligence

4 May 2020

For a claim for clinical negligence to be successful, the patient (claimant) must prove there was some failure by the dental professional...

Neon sign offering perfect smile
Advertising your practice ethically

4 May 2020

It's important to advertise and promote your services in an ethical and lawful way.

Woman on the phone
Communicating effectively with patients

24 January 2020

Communication is a two-way process. Listening to patients and understanding their wishes and expectations is as important as talking to them about their care and treatment.

Man complaining to dentist
The NHS and social care complaints procedure: local resolution

10 January 2020

Wherever possible, it's best to try and resolve complaints at the local level. Here's what you need to know.

NHS and social care complaints procedure: the PHSO

9 December 2019

Complaints can be escalated to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman if a local resolution is unsuccessful.

Documents being examined
How to write a professional witness dental report

25 June 2019

A dento-legal report is more complex than a clinical report. Writing it correctly may minimise any requests to you for clarification.

Discussing during a meeting
Introduction to the NHS and social care complaints procedure

9 January 2019

Covering the basics of the NHS and social care complaints procedure in England.

Adult and child
Consent and young patients

11 December 2018

There are specific principles and procedures surrounding young patients' consent to treatment.