Woman on phone on train
Communicating effectively with patients

18 January 2018

Communication is a two-way process.

dental surgery with poster in background
Written communication with patients

18 January 2018

The way that a practice communicates with patients through its website, marketing literature and other written information needs to make a positive impression.

courtroom with scales of justice
Giving evidence at a court appearance

18 January 2018

A professional witness can be compelled by a court witness summons to give evidence in court.

death certificate
Records and reports in court cases

18 January 2018

Records can be critical in establishing the facts in a court case.

law texts
Acting as an expert witness

18 January 2018

Expert witnesses assist the court on matters that require particular expertise.

Acting as a professional witness

18 January 2018

As a dental professional you may be asked to be a professional witness for one of your patients. This is also called a witness to fact. The role involves reporting the facts of your professional dealings with the patient.

Asking patients about drinking and smoking habits

11 October 2017

Although it's important to take a holistic view of treating oral complaints, some dentists might feel they are being intrusive when asking questions about a patient's lifestyle.

neon dental sign
Advertising your practice ethically

5 October 2017

It's important to advertise and promote your services in a way that is ethical and lawful.

man confronted by two colleagues
Raising concerns

3 October 2017

All dental professionals have an ethical duty to put patients' interests first, which must override personal and professional loyalties.

disclosure to the police
Reporting criminal convictions and cautions

2 October 2017

As a dentist, dental hygienist or dental care professional you have a duty to declare any cautions or convictions.