Dental practices are expected to have a quality assurance system in place to monitor and, if necessary, improve services.

Dental professional asking a patient questions. This patient is sitting in a dentist chair.
Guide to consent to dental treatment

14 June 2021

You must seek consent before any investigation or treatment, and certain criteria must be fulfilled for consent from a patient to be valid.

Dentist working at computer
Dangers of autonotes in electronic records

4 June 2021

Using autonotes to record information in a patient's records can lead to an inaccurate account of the appointment.

Dental instruments
Risk management in root canal treatment

2 June 2021

Recognise your technical limits when performing root canal treatment and be prepared to refer patients if necessary.

False teeth holding cigarette
Asking patients about drinking and smoking habits

28 May 2021

Asking patients if they drink or smoke often forms an important part of a consultation and treatment plan but may feel intrusive.

Discarded mask in bin
Managing patients who decline to wear a face covering

10 May 2021

There may be a small number of patients who will not follow government guidance on face coverings in NHS settings.

Do Not Pass sign
When consent is withheld

19 April 2021

Patients may give consent, but they may also refuse or restrict it.

dental surgery with poster in background
Written communication with patients

19 April 2021

A practice's communication with patients needs to make a positive impression - whether through its website, marketing literature or other written information.

Writing a report
Setting out a written complaint response

13 April 2021

A properly composed written response is a crucial part of the overall complaints procedure.

Man reading letter
I've had a complaint: what to send us

12 April 2021

What information do you need to send the DDU if you've had a complaint made against you?