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Dento-legal helpline

0800 374 626


Recognise your technical limits when performing root canal treatment and be prepared to refer patients if necessary.

team work
Working in teams

25 January 2018

The dental team varies according to the needs of the patient.

social media
The golden rules of social media

23 January 2018

Dental professionals need to understand the risks posed by social media.

Dentist speaking to patient
Seeking patient consent to disclose records

23 January 2018

Seeking patient consent to disclose any information about them is part of your legal and professional duty of confidentiality, and is key to your relationship of trust with your patient.

What is data protection legislation?

22 January 2018

The Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) applies to dental records and dental professionals must abide by its principles.

storage boxes
Retaining and destroying patient records

22 January 2018

Complaints and claims for clinical negligence can arise many years after treatment and, in the absence of records, it may be difficult or impossible to defend an allegation successfully.

Person looking through files
Patient rights and ownership of records

22 January 2018

Patients have a right to access their records under the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA).

Good record keeping
An introduction to good record keeping

22 January 2018

Records are an essential part of patient care and can provide evidence if your standard of care is called into question.

dental tools in close up
The dental regulatory environment

22 January 2018

The GDC's role is to protect patients and set high standards of dental practice and conduct through statutory registration.

Smiling dentist
Leading teams

22 January 2018

If you are a dental professional in charge of a team, the GDC expects you to demonstrate effective management and leadership skills.

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