The phased return to face-to-face care will mean a significant readjustment for many within the dental industry; for both employers and employees alike.

Soft focus shot of dental surgery
Preparing to return to work

1 June 2020

Guidance on preparing to return to work during the coronavirus pandemic.

Stressed doctor at desk
Dentists' health and wellbeing: sources of support

27 May 2020

Dento-legal concerns can be extremely stressful for dental professionals at every level, but there are lots of places you can turn to for help if you need it.

Lock on a circuit board
Data Protection Bill 2017-19

26 May 2020

The Data Protection Bill replaces the Data Protection Act 1998 and incorporates the requirements of GDPR with certain conditions and exceptions.

Elderly woman looking at her reflection
Making decisions on behalf of adults lacking capacity

21 May 2020

Dental professionals need to be aware of a number of factors before making decisions on behalf of adults lacking capacity.

Remote consultation
Receiving and storing video footage from online consultations

14 May 2020

Video conferencing and patient images can be helpful in remote consultations, but be aware of the dento-legal issues around receiving and storing them.

Illustration of thumbs down icons
The golden rules of social media

11 May 2020

​Social media can be a source of great enjoyment and a useful business tool, but it's important to recognise the risks it poses as well.

Two colleagues talking
Communicating with colleagues

4 May 2020

Good interpersonal skills have never been more important for dental professionals.

Man reading letter by window
Proving clinical negligence

4 May 2020

For a claim for clinical negligence to be successful, the patient (claimant) must prove there was some failure by the dental professional...

Neon sign offering perfect smile
Advertising your practice ethically

4 May 2020

It's important to advertise and promote your services in an ethical and lawful way.