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Although it's important to take a holistic view of treating oral complaints, some dentists might feel they are being intrusive when asking questions about a patient's lifestyle.

clinical records
Information governance in dental practices

5 October 2017

It's important to be up to date with best practice in data processing, information security and record retention.

neon dental sign
Advertising your practice ethically

5 October 2017

It's important to advertise and promote your services in a way that is ethical and lawful.

CCTV in dental surgeries

5 October 2017

The use of cameras in healthcare settings can be problematic because of the need to protect patient confidentiality.

man confronted by two colleagues
Raising concerns

3 October 2017

disclosure to the police
Reporting criminal convictions and cautions

2 October 2017

As a dentist, dental hygienist or dental care professional you have a duty to declare any cautions or convictions.

woman at dental consultation
Avoiding criticism over dental charges and exemptions

18 August 2017

Confusion about dental charges and NHS exemption are a common cause of complaint.

dentist using computer
Dangers of automatic templates in electronic records

17 August 2017

Using templates to record information in a patient's notes can lead to an inaccurate account of the appointment.

Protecting data
Protecting patient data

7 August 2017

Dental practices are directly responsible for the data held on patients.

recording on a mobile phone
Recording consultations

7 August 2017

What should I do if a patient wants to record a consultation?

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