Patients may give consent, but they may also refuse or restrict it.

Woman on the phone
Communicating effectively with patients

24 January 2020

Communication is a two-way process. Listening to patients and understanding their wishes and expectations is as important as talking to them about their care and treatment.

Man reading letter
I've had a complaint: what to send us

13 January 2020

What you need to send the DDU if you've had a complaint made against you.

Dental team
Listening to patients, staff and dealing with feedback

13 January 2020

Patients and other members of the dental team can be a good source of feedback on the quality of dental care and treatment provided by the practice.

dental surgery with poster in background
Written communication with patients

10 January 2020

The way a practice communicates with patients through its website, marketing literature and other written information needs to make a positive impression.

A man holding a letter
What do I do if I receive a claim?

10 January 2020

Receiving a negligence claim can be unpleasant and upsetting, but we can help guide and support you through the process. Here's what you need to know.

Man complaining to dentist
The NHS and social care complaints procedure: local resolution

10 January 2020

Wherever possible, it's best to try and resolve complaints at the local level. Here's what you need to know.

Writing a report
Setting out a written complaint response

10 January 2020

A properly composed written response is a crucial part of the overall complaints procedure.

Image of a complaint form
Reasons for patient complaints

16 December 2019

Most dental professionals will receive a complaint from a patient at some time in their career, so understanding why they occur is vital.

Five people in a waiting room
Quality assurance and patient safety

16 December 2019

Dental practices are expected to have a quality assurance system in place to monitor and, if necessary, improve services.