periodontal check
Prioritising periodontal checks

15 August 2018

Dental professionals have a critical role in monitoring patients' gum health at each check-up.

Dental team
Listening to patients, staff and dealing with feedback

18 July 2018

Patients and other members of the dental team can be a good source of feedback on the quality of dental care and treatment provided by the practice.

Healthcare professional in a meeting
Risk management for better patient safety

17 July 2018

While it is impossible to eliminate the inherent risks of providing dental treatment, it is in everyone's best interest that dental professionals carry out effective risk management to identify, prioritise and manage all significant threats to patient safety.

Dentists working together.
Clinical audit, peer review and CPD

16 July 2018

Clinical audit and peer review are central to effective quality assurance. They help make sure best practice is being followed, and highlight any improvements needed to address shortfalls in care provision.

Five people in a waiting room
Quality assurance and patient safety

16 July 2018

Dental practices are expected to have a quality assurance system in place to monitor and, if necessary, improve services.

Taking oath in court
Working with expert witnesses in clinical negligence claims

13 July 2018

The process of clinical negligence legal action depends mainly on opinions from independent expert witnesses.

duty of candour
Statutory duty of candour

12 July 2018

A practical guide that explains statutory duty of candour.

Dental tools
Proving clinical negligence

12 July 2018

For a claim for clinical negligence to be successful, the patient (claimant) must prove that there was some failure by the dental professional, and that failure caused the injuries of which the patient is complaining.

gavel legal concept
Defend or settle?

12 July 2018

The decision to defend a case or settle is taken with you.

Man reading letter
Dealing with the emotional impact of a claim

12 July 2018

Facing a claim for clinical negligence can cause a lot of stress and worry.