Do Not Pass sign
When consent is withheld

11 December 2018

Patients may give consent, but they may also refuse or restrict it.

Elderly woman looking at her reflection
Making decisions on behalf of adults lacking capacity

11 December 2018

Dental professionals need to be aware of a number of factors before making decisions on behalf of adults lacking capacity.

Dental professional asking a patient questions. This patient is sitting in a dentist chair.
Guide to consent to dental treatment

11 December 2018

You must seek consent before any investigation or treatment, and certain criteria must be fulfilled for consent from a patient to be valid.

Adult and child
Consent and young patients

11 December 2018

There are specific principles and procedures surrounding young patients' consent to treatment.

Elderly man
Assessing mental capacity

11 December 2018

Assessing dental patients' capacity to consent is a vital part of the treatment process. Here's what you need to know.

Man reading letter
I've had a complaint: what to send us

26 October 2018

What you need to send the DDU if you've had a complaint made against you

dentist using computer
Dangers of automatic templates in electronic records

20 August 2018

Using templates to record information in a patient's notes can lead to an inaccurate account of the appointment.

woman at dental consultation
Avoiding criticism over dental charges and exemptions

20 August 2018

Confusion about dental charges and NHS exemption are a common cause of complaint.

Tooth bleaching
Cosmetic treatments and dentistry

16 August 2018

Many dental practices now offer procedures intended to enhance patients' appearance and confidence, as well as safeguarding their oral health.

social media
The golden rules of social media

15 August 2018

Dental professionals need to understand the risks posed by social media.