Data protection

How we manage your data

We understand the importance of storing your data securely and telling you how we will use your data in a transparent and clear way. Whether providing a subscription quote, sending you cautionary tales or our dento-legal journal or defending a claim on your behalf our aim is to make sure that the personal details you provide to us are secure and processed as explained in our privacy policy. Read our full privacy policy.

Protecting patient information

Many members, including practice principals, will continue to be considered data controllers under Data Protection Legislation and are therefore bound to inform patients about how they will use the data they hold about them. You should therefore inform your patients – in practice leaflets, privacy notices and complaints procedures etc. – that, should a patient make a complaint or claim, you may need to provide information about the patient, and treatment they have received, to insurers, indemnifiers or legal advisers.

Sending information to our advisory team

When seeking dento-legal advice from the DDU, please do not send us any information about patients that is not directly relevant to your enquiry and necessary for us to advise or assist you. If you do need to send information about patients you should remove any details that could identify the patient(s) concerned (other than their initials and date of birth which we need to check for conflicts or duplicates), unless we have specifically requested original unedited documents.

Providing us with documents that contain personal data about patient(s) may delay our ability to respond quickly as we will need to remove patient details from incoming correspondence before passing it on to our advisory team.

Sending information to our claims or legal teams

Generally, documents sent to our claims handling or legal teams should be sent securely in their original form with no information removed.

Please ensure that information sent via storage media devices (CDs, USB sticks etc) are encrypted before being sent to the professional services teams.

Added security for your peace of mind

In certain circumstances, when dealing with highly sensitive or confidential information, we may want to send you content using Egress email encryption software. In these circumstances we will contact you with further details on Egress encryption. 

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