Working overseas

If you are planning to work overseas, please let our membership team know before you go.

  • If you are a paying member in a deanery-approved training post in the UK, you may ask us to add a 'special provision' to your membership, which could extend your membership to include working for up to one year in a recognised supervised training post overseas, except in the USA, Australia, Canada, Bermuda, Israel, Hong Kong, Nigeria or Zimbabwe. (This would not extend to clinical work in a private or unsupervised capacity overseas).
  • Other members planning to work overseas (other than training grades mentioned above) may ask for assistance or indemnity during a visit of up to three months, if the work is mainly of a teaching nature and you have our agreement before you go.
  • All members can receive professional indemnity for Good Samaritan acts worldwide. This means providing clinical services related to a clinical emergency, accident or disaster when you are present as a bystander.

Except for Good Samaritan acts, we do not offer assistance or indemnity with matters arising from practising in the USA, Australia, Canada, Bermuda, Israel, Hong Kong, Nigeria or Zimbabwe or for matters over which courts of those countries are responsible.

If you are going to work overseas for longer than one month, and we have advised you that we cannot offer assistance or indemnity for your overseas work, you may be able to place your membership on hold for the period that you are away.

Going to work in Ireland, Scotland or the Channel Islands?

If you are going to work in Ireland, Scotland or the Channel Islands, please call our membership team beforehand. You may need to pay a different subscription depending on how long you are going for and the type of work you will be doing.

  • If you are a paying UK member and you move to work in Ireland, you need to be registered with the Dental Council of Ireland to practise in Ireland. You also need to tell us that you will be working in Ireland.
  • UK-based members who carry out some work in Ireland may also be entitled to ask for assistance for work in Ireland. Please tell us before you go.
  • You can do this with a call or email to our membership team - see how to contact us on the back page. 
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