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The golden rules of social media

20 September 2021

​Social media can be a useful business tool for dental professionals, but it's important to recognise the risks it poses as well.

Dentist working at computer
Patient rights and ownership of records

20 September 2021

Patients have a right to access their records under data protection law.

Close-up of dental chair
Making adjustments for patients who are obese

17 September 2021

The limit for most standard dental chairs is 20 stone, and allowances might need to be made to safely treat patients whose weight exceeds this.

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I've had a complaint: what to send us

14 September 2021

What information do you need to send the DDU if you've had a complaint made against you?

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Proving clinical negligence

6 September 2021

Understanding how a clinical negligence claim can be brought is important in knowing how to deal with it appropriately.

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Defend or settle?

26 August 2021

The decision of whether to defend a case or settle it is always made with the direct involvement of our members.

CCTV camera in corridor
CCTV in dental surgeries

20 August 2021

It's important to be aware of the legal and ethical implications of having CCTV in your dental practice.

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Correcting misleading information in the media

16 August 2021

We can help if misleading information about you has been published or you think you have been defamed.

Giving evidence at a court appearance

13 August 2021

A professional witness can be compelled by a court witness summons to give evidence in court.

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Recording consultations

10 August 2021

What should you do if a patient wants to record a consultation? And can you do the same?