What should I do if a patient wants to record a consultation?

Protecting data
Protecting patient data

22 May 2018

Dental practices are directly responsible for the data held on patients.

Person looking through files
Patient rights and ownership of records

22 May 2018

Patients have a right to access their records under data protection law.

clinical records
Information governance in dental practices

22 May 2018

It's important to be up to date with best practice in data processing, information security and record retention.

CCTV in dental surgeries

22 May 2018

The use of cameras in healthcare settings can be problematic because of the need to protect patient confidentiality.

Confidentiality: your obligations

22 May 2018

As a dental professional you have a professional, legal and contractual responsibility to protect your patients' confidentiality.

dentist examining radiograph
Risk management in root canal treatment

30 January 2018

Recognise your technical limits when performing root canal treatment and be prepared to refer patients if necessary.

team work
Working in teams

25 January 2018

The dental team varies according to the needs of the patient.

social media
The golden rules of social media

23 January 2018

Dental professionals need to understand the risks posed by social media.

Dentist speaking to patient
Seeking patient consent to disclose records

23 January 2018

Seeking patient consent to disclose any information about them is part of your legal and professional duty of confidentiality, and is key to your relationship of trust with your patient.