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Dento-legal helpline

0800 374 626


Confusion about dental charges and NHS exemption are a common cause of complaint.

dentist using computer
Dangers of automatic templates in electronic records

17 August 2017

Using templates to record information in a patient's notes can lead to an inaccurate account of the appointment.

Protecting data
Protecting patient data

7 August 2017

Dental practices are directly responsible for the data held on patients.

recording on a mobile phone
Recording consultations

7 August 2017

What should I do if a patient wants to record a consultation?

social media
The golden rules of social media

31 July 2017

Dental professionals need to understand the risks posed by social media.

periodontal check
Prioritising periodontal checks

31 July 2017

Dental professionals have a critical role in monitoring patients' gum health at each check-up.

Tooth bleaching
Cosmetic treatments and dentistry

12 May 2017

Many dental practices now offer procedures intended to enhance patients' appearance and confidence, as well as safeguarding their oral health.

Image of old picket fence
Tooth whitening

10 August 2015

Your guide to the key legal aspects of tooth whitening

Dento-legal guide to communication

17 January 2014

Effective communication is one of the nine principles of good practice in the GDC's Standards for the Dental Team (2013). This makes business sense. Being able to establish a good professional relationship with patients not only means they are more likely to comply with oral health advice but also increases the likelihood they will recommend your dental practice to others. Dental professionals should be prepared to reflect on their verbal and written communication skills and take steps to improve them where necessary.

Dento-legal guide to complaints

17 January 2014

Even the most careful and competent dental professional is likely to receive a complaint about the quality of the service, care or treatment they have provided, at some point in their career.

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